Welcome to
Adventures Child Care

At Adventures Child Care, we understand the unique relationship between children, families and our staff at each center. We desire to meet the needs and concerns of the children in our programs through open communication between parents and our staff.

Ricardo Choo-Yin

Our Philosophy

Today’s children face many personal and social challenges. We believe that children need mentoring and guidance through a responsive and supportive environment. By empowering our children today, they will have a better sense of self-worth and respond positively to everyday trials and a changing world.

We are incorporating inclusiveness in our program so that each child increases their knowledge, understanding and personal skills to build a healthy relationship with each other and with the community. Our staff’s role is to facilitate learning by being with children through a holistic approach of being a co-learner, co-imaginer of possibilities and co-researcher.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to have healthy, confident and resilient children.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower children to take charge of their learning to support their dispositions to be curious, to be creative and to be playful. Thus, we are creating a supportive and responsive environment in which children’s unique personalities, cultures, and strengths are celebrated.”