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At Adventures Child Care, we understand the unique relationship between children, families and our staff at each center. We desire to meet the needs and concerns of the children in our programs through open communication between parents and our staff

Why Choose Us?

Adventures Child Care has been providing before and after school care in Calgary for over 10 years. Our experienced staff strives to provide a high level of care and ensure each child is safe and included. Please contact us to learn more about our program and to receive our program materials.

Our Philosophy

Today's children face many personal and social challenges. We believe that children need mentoring and guidance through a responsive and supportive environment. By empowering our children today, they will have a better sense of self worth and be prepared for an ever changing world.

Calgary Child Care

Our Vision

"Our vision is to have healthy, confident and resilient children"

"Our vision is to have healthy, confident and resilient children"

Child Care App

Adventures child care uses the HiMama child care app to help run our program more efficiently and share information with parents. Watch the video to see how it works!

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower children to take charge of their learning to support dispositions, to be curious, to be creative and to be playful. Thus, we are creating a supportive and responsive environment in which children's unique personalities, cultures and strengths are celebrated.