The Haysboro Summer Camp is now full. Please contact us to get on the waiting list or checkout our other camp, Wonderment Summer Camp by calling (403) 825-7600 or online at
The Haysboro Summer Camp is now full. Please contact us to get on the waiting list or checkout our other camp, Wonderment Summer Camp by calling (403) 825-7600 or online at

About The Haysboro Summer Camp

"Explore, Create, and Thrive: Your Child's Best Summer Awaits!"

At the Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp, we believe that the best summers are filled with adventures that not only entertain but also enrich. Located in the quiet community of Haysboro, our program offers your child a variety of diverse activities focused on exploration, creativity, and personal growth.

The entire Haysboro Summer Cam experience is based on the theme of “Explore, Create, and Thrive”.


Every week is based around a different adventure allowing our young adventurers to explore different areas of learning and fun.

From science and robotics to the world of arts, and the refreshing splash of water, we create experiences that spark curiosity, discovery, and a desire to learn.


Creativity is the soul of our summer camp. Through hands-on activities like crafting, painting, building, and performing, we encourage every child to express themselves uniquely.

In this safe and nurturing environment, imaginations soar, and ideas come to life in the form of vibrant colors and shapes.


Beyond the fun and games, our summer program is a place for growth. We foster an atmosphere where children can develop new skills, build confidence, and cultivate friendships through shared activities and mutual experiences.

Our team ensures every child feels supported, valued, and inspired.

Your Child's Best Summer Awaits!

Enroll your child in the Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp, where each day is an opportunity for them to explore, create, and thrive. Together, we can make this summer an unforgettable journey of joy, learning, and endless adventure.

Meet Our Program Supervisor

Alexis Jenkinson

At the heart of Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp is our dynamic Program Supervisor, Alexis Jenkinson. With an unwavering passion for childcare that began at a young age, Alexis has dedicated her career to fostering environments where children, in their early development stage, can explore, create, and thrive.

Alexis has successfully completed her Alberta Child Services Level Three certification, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to our summer program. Her journey in childcare is marked by a diverse range of roles—from rock climbing instructor and day camp leader to sports coach and mentor. Each role has reinforced her belief that hands-on, play-based learning is the most effective in the early child development stage.

Under her guidance, the Haysboro Summer Camp will be the perfect environment for children to discover their potential, harness their creativity, and boost their confidence.

Program Details

Location:                                             Haysboro Community Centre

Address:                                              1204 89th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Dates:                                                  July 2 – August 27, 2024

Times:                                                 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Ages:                                                   Kindergarten to 12 years old 

Telephone:                                           (403) 478-5544


Program Fees

The Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp offers flexible enrollment options to accommodate your family’s needs. Parents have the choice of enrolling their child for the entire month or selecting specific weeks that fit their schedule.

This flexibility allows you to plan a summer that works best for your child and your family, ensuring your child doesn’t miss out on the fun and learning our camp offers.

2024 Rates

$950 per month
$250 per week

2024 registration is now open and payment is due by April 30, 2024

Available Subsidies

Adventures Childcare is a Licensed Alberta Child Services childcare centre and has met the highest standards of quality and excellence set by the Alberta Government.

This designation enables the parents of children attending Adventures Childcare and its associated program, the Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp, who require financial assistance, to apply for the Alberta Childcare Subsidy and the Federal Affordability Grant. These government programs provide financial support to eligible families in need of assistance in covering the costs of licensed childcare services.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can qualify for the Alberta Childcare Subsidy and/or the Federal Affordability Grant to make your Calgary childcare more affordable, please contact us today, or follow the link below to be directed to the appropriate information and application page.

Learn More & Apply For Subsidies

A Sample Of Our Activities

The Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp is dedicated to creating an environment where children can explore new interests, spark their creativity, and develop essential life skills. Our philosophy incorporates the latest early child development techniques into fun, indoor and outdoor activities to make this experience the “Best Summer Ever” for your child.

Of course, our weekly and daily activities are meant to be fun, however, each is created with one or more developmental goals in mind. Ranging from confidence building, problem-solving, and sensory awareness, to storytelling, imagination, and body awareness, your child will experience development growth that will benefit them for years to come.

Following is a snapshot of our 2024 schedule of activities:

"Agility and Resilience: Building Mental and Physical Strength"

Challenges - Mind, Body, & Soul

This adventure is all about pushing limits and discovering new strengths through exciting obstacle courses, engaging “minute-to-win-it” games, and a group field trip designed to challenge campers’ physical and mental agility.

"Express and Impress: Cultivating Confidence Through Talent"

Adventure's Got Talent

Children get to showcase their unique talents or discover new ones in this fun-filled week. From music and dance to magic tricks and artistry, this week is about self-expression and confidence-building.

"Innovate and Create: Engineering Minds Through Science and Robotics"

Science and Robotics

Children will step into the shoes of scientists and engineers, engaging in activities like volcano building and robotic car construction. A trip to a science center may also be included, offering a hands-on learning experience.

"Splashing Discoveries: Exploring Science Through Water Play"

Water World

With a focus on staying cool and having fun, this adventure includes water games, water-based painting, and engaging experiments that explore the properties of water, providing both entertainment and educational value.

"Wildlife Wonders: Nurturing Love for Animals and Their Habitats"

"Animal Habitat Adventure"

Children will explore the diverse habitats of animals and learn about the responsibilities of a zookeeper. They’ll engage in building bird feeders and creating animal puppets, fostering a love and respect for wildlife. A visit to Princess Island Park will offer a closer look at natural habitats and the animals that reside in them.

"Heroes in Training: Empowering Creativity and Active Play"

"Superheroes and Comic Books"

During this adventure, children will delve into the world of superheroes and comics, engaging in activities like a Kryptonite scavenger hunt, creating superhero masks, and a LEGO superhero challenge. It’s a time for campers to unleash their inner heroes and enjoy a blend of creativity, storytelling, and physical activity.

A Safe, Inclusive, Professional Environment

At Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp, we are committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment where every child feels welcomed and valued. Our camp is designed to be a secure place where children can freely express themselves, explore their interests, and engage in a wide range of activities under the watchful eyes of our dedicated staff.

By choosing Haysboro Adventures Childcare Summer Camp, you can feel confident entrusting your child to a team that values safety, inclusion, and professional excellence. We’re dedicated to making this summer a memorable and enriching experience for every child.

Safety First

The safety and well-being of your child is our top priority. Our indoor and outdoor facilities are equipped with safety features, and all activities are conducted with strict adherence to safety protocols.

Additionally, our staff is fully trained in all aspects of child safety, and first aid. As a parent, you can have the peace of mind you deserve while your children are in our care.


We embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that respects and encourages the uniqueness of each child. The Haysboro is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for children of all abilities, backgrounds, and interests.

We encourage empathy, understanding, and teamwork among our campers, fostering a community where everyone belongs.


Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are not only experts in their respective fields but are also passionate about child development and education.

Our facilitators bring a wealth of experience and a nurturing approach to their roles, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention and support.