Acadia School

Before And After School Care

“Located within the vibrant halls of Acadia School, our before and after school program aligns seamlessly with the school’s commitment to fostering a learning community where every student can flourish”.

Acadia School

Acadia School operates under the inspiring motto, “We are the future!” and upholds beliefs that resonate deeply with our own values at Adventures Child Care. We believe in nurturing a sense of pride, belonging, and a positive self-worth among children, just as Acadia does.

Our program at Acadia School provides a supportive and safe environment that enhances the school’s focus on a caring community where personal and social responsibility are cultivated.

We understand that learning is a continuous, shared journey—a belief that Acadia upholds through its encouragement of collaborative engagement among students, teachers, parents, and the broader community. At Adventures, we extend this philosophy into every aspect of our program, ensuring that our activities promote curiosity, active learning, and social interaction among peers.

Together, Acadia School and Adventures Child Care create a synergistic environment that not only respects diversity but also encourages students to connect with the world around them, making learning a rewarding adventure.

Join us to see how our program can benefit your child, helping them become successful learners and problem solvers in our ever-changing global community. For more information or to check current availability, please give us a call.




9603 5th Street SE, Calgary, AB, T2J 1K4

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday, 7 AM – 8 AM & 2:45 PM – 6 PM

Kindergarten Hours

7 AM – 6 PM


Held in Rooms 6 & 7

Program Features

Play-Based Program, Outdoor Field Trips Included

Contact Number

Tel: (403) 234-4567